Komfovent Verso air handling units, supplied by Fantech Ventilation, have been installed in Trinity College Dublin’s Biotech Building in order to create and maintain a healthy indoor environment and reduce energy usage. Some of the units use heat exchangers to reclaim heat from expelled air

Fantech Ventilation, manufacturer and supplier of ventilation equipment throughout Ireland, has supplied a number of air handling units for use in the recently refurbished Biotech Building of Trinity College Dublin.  The company, which is part of the Elta Group, supplied a total of 12 Komfovent air handling units, along with three fan units from sister company Elta Fans.

Komfovent units help create and maintain healthy indoor climates and facilitate energy efficiency savings. Of the 12, BMS-interfaced, prewired air handling units supplied to Trinity College, 11 were Komfovent Verso models. Nine units incorporated high efficiency plate heat exchangers to reclaim heat from expelled air – and two were air supply only.

Research and teaching

Trinity College boasts a four hundred year old tradition of scholarship and is recognised as one of the great universities of the world. The College is committed to excellence in both research and teaching. Opened in May 1994, the university’s Biotech Building is a 35,000 square metre facility spread over 11 floors – three of which are underground. Nearly one third of the total floorspace is commercially leased, leaving a further 24,000 square metres for the academic research and teaching which houses three Trinity Centres of Research Excellence: Immunotherapeutics, Medical Devices and Cancer Drug Discovery. The building comprises multiple research and support areas including; computer rooms, lecture theatres, cell offices, seminar rooms, instrument bay, dry and wet laboratories and research rooms.

VERSO units are silent in operation with low energy consumption and are available in nine sizes for airflows from 1,000 m³/h to 34,000 m³/h, as supply only air units or with heat recovery. For convenience and simplicity of installation, heaters, coolers and dampers are mounted outside the units as separate sections. All sections are compact and pass easily through standard 900mm wide door openings.  This gives flexibility in gaining access for mounting and reduces the installation area. The units can be mounted indoors and out, are completely prewired and have integrated automatic control, thus keeping down on-site installation costs. The one remaining air handling unit supplied to the College was a REGO model, part of the Komfovent standardised KOMPAKT series, which feature an integral rotary heat exchanger. The units supplied by Elta Fans were all Quietflow centrifugal box fans; two SQS models and one SQT unit.

Related products

Fantech also supplies car park ventilation systems and related air movement equipment, as well as products from a number of carefully chosen manufacturers (such as grilles, diffusers, flexible and spiral ducting, fire and volume control dampers and duct fittings and accessories).

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