Compressed air and gas specialist Absolute Air & Gas Limited has signed a partnership deal with leading European manufacturer Ekom to sell its range of oil-free dental, medical and industrial compressors in the UK & Ireland.

The heart of Ekom compressors is the pump. As a medical device manufacturer Ekom has the proven quality and reliability, which makes it ideally suited to applications where a source of clean and quiet compressed air is required, e.g. for dental clinics, dental laboratories, respiratory equipment and small and medium-sized centralised systems for air distribution.

The company’s DK and DUO ranges are ideal for dental practices and laboratories and are available with air tanks from 5 to 110 litres.

The standard DK50 compressor features a single Siemens motor and 5 litre tank and is ideal for the single dental unit or laboratory. It can also be housed in a soundproof cabinet to reduce noise levels to less 45 dB(A). The largest model, the DK50 4x2V, is ideal for practices and laboratories where a centralised source of compressed air is required. This model features four Siemens motors, twin air tanks and a duplex system that automatically starts/stops any of the four compressors depending on the current demand for compressed air.

The three models in the company’s DUO range include a compressor and suction unit in a convenient cabinet-based solution which, with a noise output of less than 51db, are designed to be placed in the surgery as an integral part of dental furnishings. The standard DUO model features a DK50 PLUS compressor, 25 litre air tank and suction unit. The DUO 2V and DUO 2 both use DK50 2V compressors and can supply suction for up to two dental units.

All DK and DUO models are available with optional adsorption dryers, condensate discharge valves, filtration units and silencers.

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