The requirement for second user equipment in the electronics industries is seeing an increase according to Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment for electronics assembly, who have seen a marked interest in this division.

Although sales in new capital equipment is on the rise in both the UK and Ireland and is the core market for Altus, the availability of good quality refurbished equipment continues to interest customers.

Tony Sweetman, Altus sales manager explains; “We are frequently asked to assist customers who need equipment, but in the short term cannot justify the investment in new machines and are seeking good quality used products to plug the gap.

“There is a lot of used equipment out there but to be honest many of these purchases are not cost effective once service, repair and running costs are taken into account. At Altus our philosophy is to only supply equipment from manufactures where we have experience in service and support and can offer a viable technical solution, with ongoing support.

“We firmly believe that purchasing new equipment is the best technical solution in the long term, however we are here to provide all options so customers have a choice.”

Altus provide a full package of services for its second user equipment which is refurbished by specialists and supplied with warranty and the assurance of ongoing support from the engineering team. This full service promise includes offering ex-stock previously used in the company’s demonstration facility, procurement of specific equipment requested by customers which is refurbished and supplied to order and also a buy back service.