CUBIC can exclusively as 1 of only 2 vendors worldwide offer an arc fault protection system, that when built into CUBIC’s Modular system raises arc fault protection to a new level.

The system is called DEHNshort and is considered one of the fastest arc fault protection systems on the market. With a reaction time below 2 milliseconds DEHNshort quickly detects the arc, and subsequently quenches it effectively by the use of the unique short circuit unit.

If an arc fault occurs, DEHNshort significantly limits the extent of the damage and thereby reduces the downtime from days and weeks to minutes. At the same time only a light cleaning and perhaps minor repairs are required to get up and running again. In this way costs relating to replacement of an entirely or partially damaged switchboard are avoided as well as the operational economic losses, which far exceed an investment in DEHNshort.

With DEHNshort CUBIC’s focus on safety for switchboards constructed in the Modular system is underlined, as R&D Manager Ove Nielsen explains: ”For CUBIC the test with DEHNshort is a natural continuation of the focus on safety we have always stood for also in relation to protection against the consequences of an arc fault. With DEHNshort we can offer the market the best regarding arc fault detection and arc fault protection.”

DEHNshort differentiates itself from other solutions due to its unique short circuit unit. From detection to quenching of the arc there is a reaction time below 2 milliseconds. In addition DEHNshort is easy to mount in both new and existing switchboards

A CUBIC switchboard, designed, engineered, built and verified according to IEC / EN 61439 is by definition to be considered a fault free switchboard. The reality is however, that each year numerous incidents of arc faults occur with a range of consequences from minor to severe. These faults are caused by incorrect cabling, dirt, rodents, or foreign objects. DEHNshort is not a solution to avoid arc faults, but the efficient solution to minimize arc fault damage.