The enhanced CS Series from County Louth based Eurolec comprises three dry block models for calibration with a temperature control system and a pocket for a reference thermometer. A selection of probe holes at the rear provide a choice of probe diameters for contact/probe ­thermometer accuracy checking and the ‘black body’ at the front provides a means of checking infrared non-contact ­thermometers.

The probe and infrared thermometers can be checked at the same temperature and time.

All models feature a two position precision accuracy check (PAC) function where at the touch of a switch, the accuracy of the unit is confirmed at two preset points. Ideally suited to incorporate into HACCP and ISO quality systems, the CS series calibration sources avoid the inconvenience and time lost due to external calibration; are quick and easy to use and are said to provide considerable cost savings. The bench top units are suitable for food and pharmaceutical labs, as a quality control tool or as a maintenance/diagnostics unit. They are also portable and compact in size.