R. A. Rodriguez now offers better availability and lead times on turntable bearings. This is thanks to a second wave of investment by the manufacturer that has resulted in the installation of extra machinery including a Pittler 5-axis machining centre.

The installation enables bearings with diameters of up to 1,600mm to be manufactured to high quality German standard, in-house. It will also allow the company to meet customers’ needs for small batches – typically 10 to 20 units – as well as prototypes. Specials can also be accommodated.

Two versions of the Rodriguez turntable bearings are available, the KDL series for light applications where high accuracy is not a primary concern and the KDM series that provides a higher order of performance for greater loads. The full range of standard bearing diameters available in the Rodriguez range extends from 100mm to 3,900mm.

R.A. Rodriguez

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