Driven by a desire to make an environmentally friendly stand up pouch which can be recycled and is compostable, B&G Products and partner HAVI have spent the last couple of years developing a solution that is credible, high performing and yet affordable. 

The Troofoods designs were printed by local partner TCL Packaging using plates from YRG Eclipse. The range of products were launched in Planet Organic just after Christmas in 100% plastic free completely compostable packaging. “We’re proud to be the first 100% compostable product in the mainstream cereal market.  Change needs to happen in the world of food packaging and if it’s down to start-ups to pioneer these changes then so be it” explained Helenor Rogers, Founder of Troofoods.

Peter Ralten, Commercial Director at B&G, said: “Over the last few years food brands and retailers have asked us to come up with an affordable recyclable pouch solution. Beside the fact that the Eathpouch can be recycled with paper it is also compostable. B&G have invested considerable resources in this innovative environmentally friendly packaging solution. The Earthpouch has all the required certification you would expect from FSC/PEFC to Direct Food Contact. We are delighted that Troo have chosen to pack their fantastic product in the Earthpouch.”

Earthpouch is made from a special type of paper which incorporates a 100% plastic free heat-sealable coating. This material is then formed using a state of the art pouch manufacturing process to produce the Stand Up Pouches providing food security for dry and moist food products.