For structural-bonding applications requiring high thermal performance with absorption of mechanical stresses, new Bond-Ply LMS-HD from Bergquist delivers an effective and easy-to-use solution.

Bond-Ply LMS-HD consists of a thermally conductive low-modulus silicone compound coated on a cured core, and double lined with protective films. This design effectively absorbs mechanical stresses induced by assembly-level CTE mismatch, or by shock and vibration. Two thickness grades give designers a choice of 0.254mm or 0.305mm thicknesses for structurally adhering discrete semiconductors such as power components, or PCBs, to a heat sink.

A choice of assembly techniques is allowed, permitting assemblers to achieve high thermal conductivity after lamination at constant pressure of 75 psi or by using Initial Pressure Only (IPO) lamination. A test assembly using a TO-220 power package has demonstrated thermal impedance of 2.3°C/W after IPO lamination. Bond-Ply LMS-HD ensures very low interfacial thermal resistance, which helps maximise heat transfer.

This convenient and effective thermal-management solution also has very high dielectric strength, resulting in excellent electrical insulation properties and breakdown voltage of up to 5000V. The material is rated for continuous use over the temperature range -60°C to 180°C, and has a shelf life of up to five months if stored between 5°C and 25°C.