Photoelectric global sensors from the BOS 5K series by Balluff are the first choice for standard applications. The special compact optical sensors in BOS 5K design with dimensions of 31.5 x 19.5 x 10.8 mm can fit into the smallest of installation spaces. The portfolio now includes laser variants with impressive characteristics such as high power reserves, simple operation, rapid installation and a low price.

A diffuse sensor with HGA and 300 mm sensing range is available as well as a retro-reflective sensor with 10 m range. The through-beam sensor even allows a distance of 30m between the emitter and receiver. All sensors have one thing in common: a focused light beam with a bright light spot that is highly visible over long distances.

The new laser class 1 sensors with degree of protection IP 67 are suitable for all applications where smaller objects or small gaps between objects must be detected, even in front of a background.

BOS 5K laser sensors are available in cable and plug variants with NPN or PNP output. A rotary switch changes between the normally open and normally closed contact while a potentiometer is responsible for adapting to the application.

The product line is available globally and complies with the most important international certifications. Like all other global products, large quantities of sensors are available at short notice directly from the warehouse.

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