Conrad Business Supplies has added the latest Weidmüller u-remote HD high-density remote I/O modules to its industrial automation portfolio. The latest modules double the interconnect density of Weidmüller’s compact u-remote connectivity system for connecting sensors and actuators to a PLC or central controller.

u-remote modules are the industry’s narrowest I/O modules, at just 11.5mm. Within this form factor, the latest HD modules accept eight plug-in connectors, each with connections for four wires, to allow up to 32 connections on a single module. This enables designers to use fewer modules and achieve smaller cabinet sizes.

The four-wire HD plugs allow many types of sensors or actuators to be connected, and accept wire sizes from 0.14mm2 to 0.32mm2. Plug-in assembly accelerates system installation, minimises wiring errors, and delivers tool-free simplicity.

“These high-density modules are a great addition to Weidmüller’s u-remote system,” said Jürgen Spörl, product manager, Category Business Supplies at Conrad. “We now stock the full u-remote range, to deliver flexibility and support for our customers.”

The Weidmüller u-remote family comprises digital and analogue I/O, PWM, power, and safety modules, as well as fieldbus couplers for Ethernet, EtherCAT, ModBus, PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The I/O modules provide value-added features such as individual channel diagnosis, which reports sensor/actuator status and helps locate system faults. Modules with built-in frequency-counter technology for recording data such as speed, flow rate or angular displacement, can save designing-in dedicated hardware.