Curtiss-Wright Corporation announces its Industrial division has launched the JC1200, a next-generation, cost-effective paddle joystick from the Corporation’s brand family of Penny & Giles. 
By using a long-life bearing system and non-contacting Hall-effect sensing technology, the JC1200 has achieved a long operating life of 25 million cycles while providing functionality that is smooth and easy to operate. 
Key features of the JC1200 include:
  • An under-panel depth of 9mm, requiring minimal installation space
  • A spring-loaded return-to-center or return-to-end paddle movement
  • Integrated panel seal and IP67 protection – suitable for outside use
  • A choice of nine colored paddle ‘Tabs’, which can be factory fitted or supplied separately and added as part of the final customer installation process
The JC1200 launches with a 5Vdc supply voltage and the option for factory-programmable electronics configured to one of two analog voltage output ranges (0.5-4.5V or 1.0-4.0V). The joystick also provides safety functionality via dual outputs, which can be set to positive or negative ramps, or a combination of both. This offers system designers the option to compare the output signals for error checking.
The JC1200 paddle joystick builds on the success of the potentiometric-based JC120 and is ideal for use in control panels and armrests found in industrial trucks, agricultural equipment and construction machinery, where cost-effective, long-life operator controls are essential.