Live data collection and networked monitoring of product inspection systems across all processing and packaging lines is said to be simpler with ProdX – the new data management software platform from Mettler Toledo.

With this new tool, manufacturers are said to have stronger operational confidence that their product quality is maintained, their reputation is upheld and the welfare of consumers is completely protected. The software tool enables online monitoring of product inspection technologies from multiple locations so managers can understand results and performance in real-time. Through an events monitoring screen, activities, warnings and alarms can be viewed for each networked product inspection device so managers can plan interventions in advance rather than waiting to react to potentially line stopping issues. This supports higher productivity further down the line. To protect product quality, ProdX’s dashboard provides early warnings of key product quality indicators, such as non-conforming raw materials from suppliers or upstream processes, processes trending out of tolerance, worn or broken processing equipment, and machinery maintenance requests.

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