Stringent discharge rules for trade effluents are fuelling enquiries into the benefits of the latest wastewater processing technology, says Axium Process.

The filtration specialist has seen a rise in demand for customised membrane systems as environmental responsibility, operational costs, and discharge limitations put increasing pressure on companies to find improved solutions for trade effluents.

Derek Davies, Business Development Director at Axium Process, said “A growing number of industrial companies need to balance their discharge consent against increased levels of production and spikes in output linked to manufacturing processes. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines, snap inspections, and reputational damage.

“Even similar industries have very different filtration requirements, so the ideal solution is a purpose-designed treatment process for each application. To identify and optimise the best solution, our engineers first conduct investigative pilot trials on the feed material either at our test facility in Swansea or the manufacturer’s premises. The trial results will clearly identify the main requirements for the project and associated benefits.”

Advances in effluent processing techniques mean that crossflow membrane filtration can filter raw effluent and recover high quality water. It allows highly customised solutions to be developed that can meet ambitious sustainability goals.As it is a physical process no chemicals are required to separate suspended or dissolved materials. The technology has the potential to significantly reduce effluent disposal costs while recovering up to 95 per cent clean reusable water.

Water recycling systems from Axium Process can be used in almost any industry, including pharmaceutical, food, drink, textiles, chemical and automotive. They can also be used to complement other waste treatment processes such as anaerobic digestion.

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