Burkert’s ELEMENT Type 8802 clean line range of diaphragm valves with integrated controllers are said to have been well received by major companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries. This is because of their enhanced sterile design, which is said to prevent ingress of moisture into the head of the valve actuator, and the growth of biological contamination.

“The feedback we are getting from contacts in the food and pharmaceutical sectors is that our competitors have not updated their diaphragm control valves – apart from the material of construction – to take account of demands for increased sterility in hygienic processing applications,” says Ian Webster, Burkert’s hygienic processing field ­segment manager.

“By contrast, Bürkert has changed not only its material of construction, to stainless steel, but also its design, and has evolved its valve range to make it more suitable for hygienic applications, including IP67 ingress protection.”

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