Electrical safety analysers pass the test at medical devices company

Jan 13, 2012 | Medical Devices

Medrad, a supplier of advanced medical devices, has specified Rigel Medical 288 electrical safety analysers to improve the safety testing of contrast injectors used at sites across the UK and Western Europe.

An initial nine 288s have been supplied to the team of field service engineers in the UK with a further 31 units deployed across the rest of Western Europe.

Using the new 288s is said to be providing Medrad with a cost effective, versatile and portable testing solution, enabling engineers to quickly and accurately undertake more than 1,500 safety tests a year in the UK alone during the routine service and maintenance of contrast injectors.

These are used to inject a contrast agent during a CT or MRI scan to intensify the image and, currently, Medrad has more than 15,000 on its UK and Europe installed base.

A further benefit is the tester can easily interface with the engineers’ portable printers, which are carried in their laptop bags. Using the Bluetooth facility enables test results to be printed out while the engineer is onsite and left with the customer as part of the field service report.

The 288s also test the electrical safety of Medrad’s MRI compliant Veris range of vital signs patient monitors.

Adam Reid, Medrad UK service manager, says: “The 288 is an excellent instrument, providing a cost effective, high end testing solution. The engineers find it easy to use and appreciate that it’s compact enough to carry around. It incorporates a good range of features for its size, while the connectivity benefits are particularly impressive. The ability to import and export data is particularly beneficial, enabling us to store test information which can then be ­easily retrieved and used for audit purposes.”

The Rigel 288 incorporates easy-to-follow menu driven instructions for simple operation and test control of all IEC 62353 required electrical safety tests.

Available as part of a special test kit is the new battery operated Test ’n Tag Elite printer said to generate tamper proof barcode pass-fail labels or result print outs.

The printer also has the ability to design and print customised logos or contact details on every label printed.

This clearly indicates the electrical safety of the medical equipment and provides contact details in the event of unexpected service requirements.

Wireless connection means data from the Rigel 288’s internal memory can be transferred directly to a PC.


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