Spelsberg has launched a range of enclosures said to provide quick, aesthetic protection for electrical applications with a recessed cover to allow for the flush placement of design foils and membrane keyboards. The TG Range offers IP67 protection and can be customised using the company’s CNC milling and drilling service.

Spelsberg’s TG range is available in nine standard sizes. Each enclosure has a high-gloss finish and is available in a choice of ABS or tough polycarbonate material. The enclosures are completely halogen free and are said to be resilient to most harsh environments making them suitable for a number of indoor and outdoor applications.

The enclosures are available with both opaque and transparent covers as required and can be supplied with integrated cover retainers or internal hinges; the functional design includes fast-acting closure to reduce installation times. Both the opaque and transparent covers have a recessed design which allows for the placement of design foils or membrane keypads onto the fascia without having any raised edges that could snag or become damaged.

Chris Lloyd, Spelsberg UK’s sales and marketing manager, says: “There is an increasing demand for membrane keypads/overlay designs to be included on enclosure covers, and with the emergence of membrane technology there is an increasing need to include long-lasting keypads on them. In the past the IP rating of an enclosure had to be compromised through the cutting of access holes, or the keypad had to be raised from the cover; both solutions were compromised reducing the effectiveness and overall operating life of the enclosure. Our ­solution overcomes this by providing a protective lip to ensure keypads are flush with the enclosure edge, and avoiding cut-outs completely.”

Spelsberg also offers in-house CNC modification and a full customisation service for its enclosures, enabling its products to be tailored cost-effectively to meet specific requirements.