Automation parts supplier, EU Automation, has launched its ‘Factory Hero’ campaign to encourage recognition of unsung heroes within the manufacturing sector.

Technicians and engineers responsible for building and maintaining a robust supply chain are the ‘unsung heroes’, the company said, and will play a critical role in managing parts and materials shortages in 2023.

The persistent shortage of critical materials and the ongoing supply chain disruptions present the most significant uncertainty for the industry in the coming year.

Parts shortages can have severe implications for manufacturing organisations in terms of downtime, lost production and lost revenue. Yet the people responsible for building and maintaining a robust supply chain so that unplanned stoppages are minimised often go unrecognised.

“We want to shine a spotlight on the role that so many people perform every day to keep the wheels of industry turning,” explains Darren Halford, Managing Director of EU Automation. “This could be a factory manager, maintenance engineer, or procurement specialist: we’re looking for the real problem solvers who can think on their feet to get things back up and running while others are still scratching their heads. They are the unsung heroes in our industry.”

The Factory Hero digital campaign features an unassuming chap called Jeff, who is able to source a vital part quickly via EU Automation and thus earns the gratitude of his colleagues. Having witnessed Jeff’s story, viewers are encouraged to nominate their own Factory Hero. EU Automation will then arrange for those nominated to receive a Factory Hero certificate with a personalised message from the person who suggested them.

Reinforcing the idea that people are central to continued business success is close to EU Automation’s own ethos. “Although we work in the automation space supplying rare, reconditioned and unused parts to companies worldwide, we recognise that it is people who make the difference in our organisation,” says Mr Halford. “We focus on supporting our customers personally and building lasting relationships with them. Now we want to encourage our customers to give credit to the individuals within their own teams who are building the relationships that will make their company more agile and more competitive in the face of increasing supply chain challenges.”

To nominate a colleague as a Factory Hero, visit: