Latest technical development offers Quality Assurance and Technical Managers greater security of CW3 Combination metal detector and checkweigher units for CCP

In response to customer demand for greater security of inspection equipment for Critical Control Point (CCP) to ensure optimum quality assurance and production efficiencies, as well as adherence to the latest retailer codes of practice, Loma Systems has launched an innovative biometric Finger Print Access Device which has been specially designed for its range of high performance CW3 Combination Metal Detector and Checkweigher units.

Loma’s new Finger Print Access Device automatically recognises or confirms the identity of an individual based on their fingerprint. The level of access to the CW3 Combo’s touch screen and market-leading features depends on the status of the operator. However, the system has been developed primarily to ensure only service personnel and quality assurance and technical managers are able to change settings or parameters.

Capable of storing up to 200 finger prints, the Finger Print Access Device is aimed at two levels of operator. Administrators can only add or delete users, whilst users are able to operate the CW3 Combo, including setting up new products, running speeds, etc. A combination of administrators and users are permitted but Loma recommends that at least two additional administrators are set up for each unit.

Although available as an optional extra with newly commissioned CW3 Combos, Loma’s Finger Print Access Device and accompanying software can also be retrofitted to customers’ existing models.

Offering low lifetime cost of ownership and built in accordance with Loma’s ‘Designed to Survive’ ethos, the low maintenance and versatile CW3 Combo saves valuable line space and can easily adapt to a range of different products due to its variable frequency metal detection function and versatile checkweighing capabilities. It incorporates the superior performance and accuracy of the company’s CW3 checkweigher with the high sensitivity of its IQ3+ metal detector.

The CW3 Combo can be easily integrated into existing factory data-capture networks and includes a performance-validation system (PVS) that automatically prompts the operator to test performance at pre-set intervals, conforming to HACCP standards and producing detailed records of any contaminants found.