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In Industry 4.0 robotic arms, learn human movement patterns thanks to artificial intelligence. Ma- chines monitor and program themselves using their digital twin. How do you achieve this? How do you realise decentralised intelligence? How do you avoid incompatibilities? How do you create added value from automation data in the cloud? With Festo of course!
We are now launching one of the biggest campaigns in our history, with complete engineering and solution packages for electric drive technology and digitalisation. As your partner we offer you seamless connectivity from the workpiece to the cloud and from software to hardware!
Perfect connectivity combines mechanical and electric systems and intelligence.
Go to the way of the smart factory and say goodbye to isolated solutions. At Festo you get co-ordinated subsystems with an EtherCAT® master controller, new servo motors and drive controllers. Not to men- tion the several new axis mechanisms plus grippers and stoppers. In short, an unprecedented and ground-breaking package of innovation. Everything from a single source. This helps you achieve your required degree of hardware and software automation more quickly and easily than ever before.
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The Festo automation platform as a real time cockpit for Industry 4.0
Use the centralised intelligence of the brand-new automation platform from Festo and take advantage of unprecedented time savings. In the automation suite, it takes just five steps to get to a ready-to-use drive system. Because it combines all the data of the mechanical system and the 1D to 3D kinematics with the controlling field devices and servo drives. Together with the MyProjects project management system you get a complete engineering package. Last but not least, with digital twins right up to the Festo cloud and its dashboards you can work collaboratively worldwide.
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