Quick, Reliable, Automated Generation and Ordering of Product Modules in Your CAD Format. The Festo Design Tool 3D is a 3 dimensional product configurator for generating Festo-specific CAD product combinations. Your search for matching accessories e.g for pneumatic cylinder series DSBC, DSNU and ADN will thus be faster, more reliable and easier in the future. Create graphic models of your cylinder assembly in your preferred CAD format, including Festo accessories. The Festo Design Tool 3D then generates an order code with which you can order the assembly directly – either fully pre-assembled or as individual components – always shipped in a separate carton.

Advantages for Design, Purchasing and Commissioning:

– Quick and simple automated generation of product combinations.
– Short bills of materials, fewer sources of error and optimised ordering
processes thanks to a single order code for the entire assembly.
– Native CAD models for retaining CAD/ component links (CADConstraints,
CAD- Mates).
– Reduce documentation and simple treacebility: generate PDF
assembly drawings and bills of materials within the FDT 3D software
and query the traceable order code in the Support Portal.
– Simplified, accelerated processes in your warehouse and during assembly.
– Product portfolio for readily available standard components such as
cylinders from the DSBC, DSNU and ADN series

Tutorials for the Festo Design Tool 3D can be Found Here

Native CAD data using the SolidWorks 3D CAD system as an example.
Available 2D/3D CAD formats.
Add the assembly to the shopping basket and order.
Select and change products, displays bill of materials.
Receive current CAD data via online update function.

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