FLIR launches another new camera that pushes the boundaries.

For building inspection and the prevention of energy loss, a thermal imaging camera is now considered an essential tool and thanks to its continuous development strategy, FLIR Systems provides this industry with an exceptional choice of products. Year on year FLIR Systems introduces new infrared features and capabilities that help users do their job quicker and more efficiently and 2019 is no exception. Indeed, Futurebuild 2019 has been confirmed as the UK launch platform for a new infrared camera and the showcase for the latest technological developments in test and measurement instrumentation.

FLIR Systems is now the market leader in thermal imaging. More than 10% of its revenue is reinvested in research and development and the company now has its widest ever range of camera models, accessories and software to suit every building application and budget. And supporting them is FLIR Systems’ industry leading warranty provision – two years on the camera, five years on the battery and ten years on the detector.

Award winners

One of most recent to be introduced and making its UK exhibition debut at Futurebuild 2019 is the FLIR E53. This is an entry-level model in the award winning Exx-Series that brings advanced thermal imaging within the reach of many more building professionals who need this technology to identify building deficiencies. It features a 4-inch touchscreen with 160 degree viewing angle and, in common with all other Exx models, it includes MSX technology that uses a 5-megapixel visual camera to improve image clarity, perspective and readability.

Representative of the FLIR professional models is the FLIR T500, a camera that was named Red Dot: Best of the Best winner for 2018, awarded for its groundbreaking design that combines superb ergonomics in a ruggedised high-performance thermal imager. 

All cameras in the FLIR T500 series provide high quality imaging through Vision Processing which combines proprietary adaptive filtering with the readability of FLIR multi-spectral imaging (MSX) and the image enhancement of UltraMax. With thermal resolutions up to 464 x 348 (161,472 pixels) and superior sensitivity and image clarity, thermographers can easily identify subtle temperature differences; essential for building science applications.

Meters too

Two important FLIR Systems developments have also led to the introduction of a unique range of test and measurement instruments. The first breakthrough was the introduction of the Lepton thermal micro-camera core, a detector that is about the size of a smart phone SIM. This, coupled with FLIR’s Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM™) technology, is at the heart of a range of meters that have thermal imaging capability.

Examples from the range complete FLIR’s exhibits at Futurebuild 2019 on Stand D204.