Hasbro Ireland, the European manufacturing site for the Branded Play Company behind games such as Monopoly, has implemented a warehouse optimisation system from Zetes Ireland, based in Limerick and Dublin. The system has helped to deliver improved operational efficiency within the warehouse dispatch area.

Hasbro Ireland, which manufactures around 10 million board games each year, has purchased 20 Zetes IND 2475 touch-screen vehicle mounted terminals and MC9090s from Motorola.

Since integrating the data capture devices with Hasbro’s SAP warehouse management system, the company has seen costs reduce and productivity improve, as operators are able to work more efficiently. The system has delivered two key benefits within the dispatch area. Pallets of finished goods can be moved more quickly from production lines into containers for shipping and dispatch drivers can process a greater volume of shipment transactions.

Zetes IND truck mounted terminals can be easily customised to suit different working environments such as low lighting and have a small footprint for mounting inside a forklift truck.

Zetes TotalCare mobile device management service allows Hasbro to remotely identify up-to-date location information of devices, be alerted to security or battery health issues, know the status of each device in a repair-cycle, update applications or operating systems across the entire installed base and have a clear overview of contract-expiry dates.