The handheld UT5000 Intrinsically Safe Ultrasonic Tester from CorDEX Instruments is suitable for measuring metal thickness on pipelines and fixed equipment within hazardous locations. Key to its performance is the CorDEX Connect reporting system, software which integrates RFID ­technology. The combined package allows the tester’s findings to be uploaded into a predictive maintenance plan or schedule.

The UT5000 Tester provides a vital early-warning of pipe wall thinning or corrosion. This is a significant problem for the oil, gas and chemical ­processing industries as any breach could result in the loss of process fluids or gas, necessitating costly downtime for removal or replacement.

The UT5000 allows the maintenance team to predict a problem and schedule it for repair via the CorDEX Connect software which uses RFID and proprietary software to tag every thickness measurement with its exact location, date and time. The kit comprises the UT5000 Ultrasonic Tester with CorDEX Connect, hard carrying case, a probe, USB communication cable, coupling gel, two wrist straps, 10 Atex certified RFID tags and a battery pack.