PowerLamella power elements are pluggable high-current contacts from Würth Elektronik. The simple handling provides many advantages when using PowerLamella. From now on one can order power elements in the new Online Shop.

PowerLamella power supply elements reduce installation costs for the manufacture of assemblies, which is why the power elements are ideally suited as connecting elements for fuses, switches and cables to the circuit board or as fasteners. The high-current elements can be used board to board and wire to board and in addition can be combined with and replaced by PowerRadsok high current contacts.

As with all high-current elements from Würth Elektronik, the PowerLamella power elements are pressed directly into the printed circuit board. The plugging and pressing eliminates the temperature stress to which soldered elements are usually subjected. Their functional strength is also reflected by their simple and cost-effective deployment possibilities. Apart from a simple toggle press, no special devices are necessary. The press-fit zone itself has an extremely low contact resistance of 100-200 µOhm. The plug elements have a contact resistance of 0.2 mOhm with Ø3.6 mm, 0.09 mOhm with Ø 6.0 mm and 0.05 mOhm with Ø 10.0 mm.

The PowerLamella power elements can be obtained, as can all high-current elements from Würth Elektronik, in the recently opened original Powerelement Online Shop under www.we-online.de/pe.