A food manufacturer that installed its first sara LBS Sprint high speed roller door in November 2015 was so impressed that it promptly ordered two more to speed up operations on the site.

In food handling operations, both security and biosecurity are high on the management’s agenda, no matter how busy operations become. So when sara LBS was asked to suggest some possible door solutions for an ingredients and foodstuffs production site, it was natural to looks at high speed roller doors that would minimise the time they were actually open.

The first Sprint door was installed at one end of the main building, at the goods inward facility. Night time security is provided by a solid door which is kept open throughout the working day. Behind the door a strip curtain is used to ensure biosecurity, preventing birds, rodents and other animals from entering the premises. It also functioned to reduce heat loss from the building, particularly in winter.

When the strip curtain was getting towards the end of its effective life the operational management team wanted to look at options for a higher performance replacement. They arranged for Guy Windle of sara LBS (Loading Bay Specialists) to visit and suggest some options.

Guy recalls the first visit: “The good inwards area was busy, mainly with fork lift trucks unloading lorries pallet by pallet outside and bringing the ingredients in through the curtain ready for use in the production departments. Operations were almost continuous, as you would expect from a high volume food manufacturer.

“This level of activity coloured my thinking a great deal when it came to suggesting a door solution.”

There was a fundamental need to have the door space sealed to provide biosecurity and retain heat in the building. But with so much traffic the door solution needed to be fast acting and preferably automatic so that operatives did not have to take time and put effort into opening it. A see-through solution was also highly desirable so that people could come through smoothly without having to stop and check that the way ahead was clear and safe.

“It was fairly obvious from the start that the optimum solution was going to come from our Sprint range of high speed doors,” says Guy. “Of course I considered other options too, but I kept coming back to Sprint and some of its optional extras for speed, safety and automation.”

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