It is the result of forward-looking action. The measure of a system’s value creation is its Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). It is determined by three factors:

Availability Performance Quality

Looking at Overall Equipment Effectiveness provides a clear indication of whether you can maximise productivity and thus make system operation even more economical .

What is your objective? Is your OEE too low and do you want to increase it? Do you want to minimise system downtime? Our practical tips will show you how to quickly and simply increase your Overall Equipment Effectiveness.


Reduce the length of planned downtime and avoid unplanned downtime.

Planned downtime is required for:
– Format changeovers.
– Cleaning the system.
-Scheduled maintenance.

These tasks take up valuable time.

Analysing how you deal with these tasks often helps to reduce the associated downtime…

Preventive maintenance avoids a great number of breakdowns. In the event of a breakdown, the cause must be quickly identified and the problem eliminated as rapidly and simply as possible.

Clean design products:

MPA-C valve terminal and cylinder CRDSNU & DSBF facilitate a quick and efficient cleaning process.

Pressure gauge MA-RG

For simple monitoring of actual valves based on adjustable red/ green zones.

Automation platform CPX

Comprehensive diagnostic management for fast error detection.


High machine cycles, optimum speed.

How do you achieve maximum productivity?

By finding the optimum cycle that does not overload the system/ machine.

Self adjusting end-position cushioning system PPS.

Pneumatic drives always correctly and automatically adjusted for optimum operation.

Decentralised Automation Concepts.

Positioned close to the consuming device will decrease power loss, increase speed and boost energy efficiency.

Electric drive – EMCA

This complete solution thanks to the reduced installation workload and commissioning using the Festo, FCT software is immediately available for operation, speeding up your process.


Consistently high quality is the top priority.

This is how you avoid expensive rework or having to completely write off a product.

As your partner, we offer you a large variety of solutions.

MS series service unit.

Always the right compressed air quality – up to class: 1:2:1 (ISO 8573-1:2010).

Vision sensor SBSx

Reliable quality inspection with an intuitive vision system.

Fast – switching valve MH2/3.

Short response times and maximum repetition accuracy for consistent quality.

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