Manufacturing businesses need to be one step ahead of their competitors. Making use of Manufacturing data can help inform decisions and allow them to plan for the future.

The data that manufacturers collect from spreadsheets, databases and software applications are often so large or complex that normal conventional methods for handling it will not work. Being so complex the data is often referred to as big data. Being able to analyse and understand big data can mean the difference between manufacturers becoming confident in the decisions they make or falling behind to their competitors. If manufacturers are to correctly interpret and use the information they could find themselves achieving greater efficiencies in their operations as well as cost reduction and reduced risk.

Small and medium business can leverage the data they collect by using a production control software package such as ProgressPlus. Businesses can bring together the information they collect on the different stages of the manufacturing process and use it to make strategic decisions. At the same time, it can also help them with stock control. Being able to analyse the data using the package they can leverage the information so that they: 

  • Deliver orders on time
  • Can see supplier costs
  • Can see what customers and parts are making them a profit or the opposite, not making them a profit

ProgressPlus links with popular accountancy software such as Sage and Pegasus and can be used to measure the efficiency of staff. It also enables the user to have access to the information via a mobile or tablet device.

For the manufacturer making use of big data in their day to day can lead to benefits such as:

  • Spotting patterns in what they do
  • Provide information on where they should target their effort
  • Identify likely new markets
  • Unlock the hidden information that is available to them

By moving away from the position of just storing the data created by the manufacturing processes, they need to take advantage of it. Manufacturing big data as being another asset to use for their benefit and get the most value from it so they can stay ahead in the market.