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What makes a good product purchase for you?
Perhaps one that is cost-efficient, available for fast delivery, easy to specify, and available worldwide?
In an ideal world, you should not have to search too hard for a solution that ticks all these boxes. The Festo core product range of over 2,500 products consistently meets all these requirements. So you can quickly find what you need – cost-efficient, high-quality solutions that are customisable to your pneumatic or electric automation application.
Still not convinced about our core product range?
Read our customers’ success stories and discover how they have used our core product range to achieve cost- efficient, innovative and reliable solutions in a variety of industries.
Simply value for money
The best choice for the job is also the one that is most cost efficient!
Discover the Festo core product range: it offers over 2,500 high-quality components at an attractive price.
Simply convincing – our top sellers
Are you convinced by the innovative products in our core pneumatics range?
Many of our customers have already been won over. Discover our most popular products that have already proven their worth whether for innovation, value or efficiency by taking a look at our top sellers in the core range.
Simply successful – our customers’ stories
The core product range has already convinced many companies. Below is just a small sample of our customers’ success stories.
Karb Maschinenbau – Simply filled antipasti
Learn about huge gains in food production output.
STAMA Maschinenbau GmbH – Simply flexible
Discover how a highly flexible mill-turn centre is able to produce small batch sizes with fast and highly efficient tool changes.
Thimonnier – Simply innovative
Read how Festo assisted in the design and development of a robust, state-of-the-art mechatronic solution using IO-Link for a packaging and filling machine.
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