All common structural adhesive technologies have their strengths and challenges.  Instant adhesives, for example, provide a fast fixture but limited durability.  If strength is important, epoxies and acrylics are great, but the compromise is generally slow fixture speed.  Another choice is polyurethane-based adhesives, excellent for strength and fatigue resistance but may require a primer to adhere to some metals.

Thanks to another HENKEL innovation, there’s now another alternative.  Using patented hybrid technology, the company has developed a new range of Universal Structural Bonders that break through these boundaries.  They harness the strengths of different adhesive technologies to provide a unique combination of characteristics – super-fast curing, excellent bond strength and long term durability. Added to this, their health and safety credentials are improved too.

Clearly faster fixturing means greater productivity, an important benefit to engineers seeking efficiency gains from the products and systems in their charge.  They massively extend the potential for structural adhesives in maintenance and repair. And the good news is that HENKEL has now added another product to this unique Universal Structural Bonding range which is ideal for the emergency repair of a wide variety of materials.

The latest addition is LOCTITE HY 4060 GY, a general repair adhesive that provides a five-minute cure in harsh factory environments and even at low temperature.  It’s suitable for use on metals, plastics, wood and rubber materials and can fill variable sized gaps up to 5mm. The resultant bond has resistance to moisture, temperature extremes and chemicals.

As LOCTITE HY 4060 GY is a single product suitable for multiple applications it simplifies the adhesive selection process, reduces inventory levels and need for storage.  Typical applications range from bracket bonding and cable tie installation to the repair of plastic clips and lugs and the surface rebuilding of plastic and metal parts.

Another hybrid that is contributing to greater maintenance efficiency is LOCTITE HY 4070. It is also suitable for multiple applications and comes into its own when a 60-seconds fixture and five-minute cure is required on most plastic, plastic/metal and rubber combinations.  And this product has been singled out for praise by several companies across Europe that have provided feedback on their experience with the new hybrid technology.

The span of reported applications for LOCTITE Universal Structural Adhesives is extensive with the products’ impact strength being proven in the repair of heavy lifting gear, conveyor belt frames, driveline components and storage vessels.  The ability to bond dissimilar materials at speed is also high on the list; a typical example is joining silicone rubber to painted GRP.

The products’ aptitude to resist heat, moisture and temperature are highlighted by manufacturers of food heating and chilling equipment and HVAC installers.  But the single, overriding benefits cited by all are ease-of-use and scope of application which allows LOCTITE Universal Bonders to be used for anything from the speedy fixing of RFID tags to creating a bonded plate that is strong enough to pull a train.

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