How do you get from the theory of Industry 4.0 to making sure it happens in practice? The answer is very simple: with Festo. Because while others are talking, Festo is already showcasing actual products, solutions and applications.

Discover our main Industry 4.0 topics in this newsletter: new products and services, training by Festo Didactic and the highlights of the Bionic Learning Network which are influencing tomorrow’s workplace.

You can also visit our website where you will find the recently published brochure on our Industry 4.0 activities and portfolio. We have compiled all the latest about the main Industry 4.0 topics for you under “Highlights”.

Think digital! Reinventing pneumatics — with the Festo Motion Terminal

The Festo Motion Terminal is the world’s first pneumatic automation platform to be controlled by apps. Cyber-physical systems for each valve are the new standards in pneumatics – and Industry 4.0 in its purest sense!

  • Simple: One valve replaces over 50 pneumatic components
  • Adaptive: Apps replace hardware
  • Flexible: Functions can be selected/changed for each operation cycle
  • Reliable: Complete diagnostics and condition monitoring
  • Industry 4.0: Self-regulating systems, reliable and tamper-proof, optional on-site machine/system controller, cloud connection and visualisation

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“I’m already in!” IoT gateway and cloud visualisation from Festo

Welcome to the Festo Cloud – this is where Industry 4.0 starts right now. You can upload everything to the cloud quickly and easily using the Festo CPX IoT gateway:

  • A product
  • A mechatronic subsystem
  • A complete solution package

It offers a host of advantages, first and foremost value creation according to your requirements with your own programming or with apps and services from Festo.

If you would like to be one of our innovative pilot customers, contact us via the link on the website.

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Industry 4.0 in action! Festo demonstrator for cloud applications with condition monitoring

Festo itself is using many Industry 4.0 mechanisms and communication elements in the new Scharnhausen Technology Plant. For a visit, simply contact your sales engineer.

From the end of September the live demonstrator for cloud applications with condition monitoring will also provide a first impression. It offers:

  • Increased value creation through a scalable data and service model
  • Ideas for greater productivity through networked products and digital services
  • Networked mechatronic solution packages with decentralised intelligence as a starting point for Industry 4.0

Bionic Learning Network! Fresh impetus for factory and process automation

Industry 4.0 is not only changing production technology and the way information is processed, but also how we deal with machines and assistance systems. One such assistant is the BionicCobot, which mimics the human arm in more than its anatomical structure. Like its biological model, the lightweight robot moves flexibly and precisely to perform its many tasks. This enables it to work directly and safely with humans. And it is controlled by the Festo Motion Terminal! This makes it the benchmark for the future of digital pneumatics.

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