Industrial gas users can find out exactly how they should test portable gas detection units in a new best-practice video produced by a team of experts and commissioned by Air Products – the UK’s leading industrial gas supplier. 

The video highlights the importance of testing the functionality of gas detection equipment, commonly known as bump testing, in terms of safety and compliance, and demonstrates how the testing procedure should be carried out.  

Gas detection experts, including JMS Consultants and GFG Europe, collaborated on the video with Air Products as part of a series of educational videos designed to improve the safety of industrial working environments.

Chris James, Service Engineer at GFG Europe, says, “We’ve pooled our skills to highlight the importance of bump testing while demonstrating exactly how it should be done to make sure customers are in compliance with regulation and in keeping their employees safe.”

The video is intended to reinforce the message that bump testing is not only crucial for the safety of on-site workers, but also obligatory to comply with the UK Health and Safety at Work Act.

Jeff Regan, Director and Principal Consultant at JMS Consultants, says, “Some people believe bump testing is too difficult or too time consuming, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Equally many organisations don’t understand their legal obligations to carrying out regular bump tests and if things were to go wrong they will be liable.”

Stephen Mellor, Product Specialist at Air Products, adds, “Most organisations are aware of the importance of obtaining the correct gas concentration from their supplier, but many are unaware of how critical other parts of the delivery system are.  We cover here certification, traceability and stability of gases, along with system integrity to ensure the gas concentration purchased is the one delivered to the sensor head for bump testing.”

End user, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, world leader in fuel dispensing technology and integrated fuelling solutions, also collaborated on the video to demonstrate how customers can carry out bump testing. Neil Roach, UK Quality Manager at Gilbarco Veeder-Root, says, “Safety is our number one priority.  As a company that offers fuel dispensing technology and fuelling solutions, we place our engineers into potentially dangerous environments on a daily basis.  Regular bump testing is not an option for us, it is a given necessity and extremely easy to carry out.”

Industrial gas users can view the video here and find more best-practice tips on Air Products’ website,