Our stand number is 99B and we would like to meet both our existing clients in Ireland and some new ones so that we can show you the capabilities of Version 13 of our Asset Management and Calibration Management Software.

IndySoft has been transforming the way both enterprise manufacturing businesses in the Life Sciences sector and the smaller start-ups as well as commercial calibration labs have managed their systems for over two decades. As perpetual innovators, IndySoft has introduced multiple technologies which are now staple requests by any organization seeking a professional asset management solution, and we continue looking towards the future to add new technologies that will save you time and money. Our focus is on calibration, tooling, automation, maintenance, and repair.

IndySoft software is compliant to a great number of ISO quality standards as well as FDA 21CFR Part 11. We even had a validation kit to assist you with your validation journey. We look forward to meeting you and showing you how we can streamline your asset management.

IndySoft believes that the purchase of a calibration or tooling asset management system is one of the most important decisions a company can make in relation to the efficient administration of its quality program. IndySoft’s feature packed, yet easy to use software is designed to complement and augment users’ process, not dictate how they run their business. IndySoft personnel take the time to understand the requirements of all potential users, then by harnessing the company’s collective experience, suggest the exact mix of cost-effective products and services to meet long-term efficiency goals.

IndySoft’s global customer base covers the smallest manufacturing facility to the largest international enterprise organisations in a wide range of industry types including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Rail, Space, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Defence, Test Facilities, Calibration Laboratories, National Standards Bureaus and Research and Development facilities to name just a few.

A license of IndySoft gives you the ability to manage your assets, track them throughout your business, assign schedules to them like calibration, preventative maintenance, service and repair plus much more. You can perform your own in-house calibrations using your own in-house masters and generate calibration certificates and stickers, or you can manage the equipment that you send off-site to sub-contracted labs too. In Addition, IndySoft can also manage tooling, consumables, unique tools, gigs and fixtures and any asset with an identification number. Barcoding within IndySoft and RFID tracking are both options that your business can use to speed up your asset compliance and tracking.

IndySoft can get installed either on-premise on your own servers or you can access it from our IndySoft Cloud. Both options have different payment options that include maintenance & support. The software is fully supported and maintained and with our innovations, new features get rolled out to users if they need them.

Thousands of clients all over the world are happy to have IndySoft support their quality systems.

To find out more, request a demo from us by email to sales@indysoft.co.uk and visit our website www.indysoft.com