An industrial-grade wireless connectivity solution, comprising of a Wireless AP (Access Point) and Wireless IP Gateway – is now available from Korenix UK. The solution is suitable for a variety of applications in road and rail transport, as well as harsh industrial environments.

Together, the Korenix JetWave 3220 series (Wireless AP) and the Korenix JetWave 3320 series (Wireless IP Gateway) meet today’s need for high reliability, high-speed data transmission in both transportation and industrial environments. For network designers, the solution facilitates the integration of wired and wireless networks.

The JetWave 3220 series is an industrial-grade 802.11n/a/b/g Wireless AP that offers a high performance, high reliability wireless solution for both 2.4G and 5G radio bands. In order to improve the reliability of the entire wireless network, the JetWave 3220 utilises next-generation 802.11n MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology. This multi-radio transmission (two transmitters and two receivers) not only offers a high data rate of up to 300Mbps per radio band, but also provides flexible wireless backbone deployment options and wireless redundancy connections.

The JetWave 3220 also benefits from a bi-directional ‘Link Fault Pass-Through’ feature. If a wireless connection fails, this feature ensures that a ‘disable condition’ message is automatically relayed through the network to other connected devices and network administrators, minimising data loss.

As well as an industrial-grade design, the JetWave 3220, including gigabit PoE+, dual 24V (12~48V) DC power input, IP31 protected housing and digital Input/Output. In addition, the unit is EN50121-4 approved, offering a wide operating temperature band (-40°C to +70°C), allowing the device to be installed in harsh transportation and industrial environments.

For applications in moving vehicles such as trains, trams, buses, coaches and forklift trucks, the JetWave 3220 is fitted with a rugged, M12 connector, which is designed to withstand the shocks and vibrations that typically occur in these applications.

Santos Muro, business development manager at Korenix UK commented: “With regards to its ruggedness, reliability of data transmission and wireless redundancy capabilities, the JetWave 3220 is best-in-class. We expect the device to appeal to a wide range of customers in road and rail transport, as well as industrial and warehousing applications.”

The JetWave 3320 series is an industrial-grade Cellular IP gateway. The key benefits of IP Gateway include the LAN/WIFI to 3G routing and redundancy, high speed gigabit Ethernet data transmission, numerous value-added software modules, as well as the wireless security function. The WIFI Radio of the JetWave 3300 series can function as an AP/CPE, WDS modes for different point-to-point or point-to-multiple point network applications.