When Baxters Food Group’s old print and apply labelling system at its Colchester plant was ready for an upgrade, coding, marking and printing specialist, Domino Printing Sciences had a suitable solution.

Toby Ford, maintenance engineer at Baxters, which produces soups, preserves and condiments, explains: “The workload at our plant can vary as many of the products such as salad dressings and mayonnaise are seasonal. This means for some shifts we produce one product and on another we will manufacture up to half a dozen of various sizes. As a result, we need to have maximum uptime to meet deadlines, and Domino’s M-Series print and apply labelling system proved to be the ­perfect solution for us for printing labels for shrinkwrapped trays.”

Domino’s M-Series offers a fully modular solution said to meet the many and varying needs of manufacturers by delivering accurate information and label placement without compromising production line speeds ­therefore ensuring maximum productivity, flexibility and profitability.

“The simple ribbon and label paths of the M-Series enable us fast changeover of consumables, and in addition the electronic height ­adjustment allows for different size products coming down the line. This helps us to greatly reduce any downtime,” Ford says. “The Domino M-Series sets the standard for print and apply,” he added.