Energy 8 is an economical CO2 laser engraver designed for low-output marking needs in the workshop, store or office. Its compact size, low running cost and included software make it the most effective solution on the market in terms of its quality:price ratio. A new development from the Gravotech Group’s research and development operation.

The laser solution at your fingertips

For many months, Gravotech has been focusing its research on laser solutions. Energy 8 is not an isolated proposition; it is part of a range specifically designed by the company to meet market needs as closely as possible. And so the ergonomic functionalities of the LS1000 XP also feature in the brand’s other solutions, namely: the front loading concept, user control of the laser via the interactive machine instrument panel, integrated storage capabilities and automatic focus adjustment, and these are just the main features.

With Energy 8, Gravotech has imposed its vision of a laser service and remains conscious of the needs of its occasional users whose activity does not involve intensive marking. For these users, this offer represents the answer to a variety of demands: be it for flat or cylindrical engraving, or engraving on objects.

The fruits of R&D for an affordable price

Compact in size (775 x 725 x 450 mm), Energy 8 fits easily into a small workshop and makes it possible to perform immediate engraving operations. The customer can chose, on the spot, the material he wishes to mark, from the extensive range offered by Gravotech whose reaction to laser is certified.

Energy 8 is supplied as standard with GravoStyle Discovery, which offers both the security of reliable software and the flexibility of saved settings according to materials.

Ergonomic design, versatility, performance: these combined characteristics make for laser equipment whose low cost opens up as yet unimagined possibilities.

The new Energy 8 laser is available now.