More than just digital panel meters, these  versatile instruments can perform many precision signal processing functions, as well as controlling processes and providing alarm functions.
They have been designed to be easy to use, saving you valuable time on-site. We believe they are the most user-friendly process monitoring instruments on the market.
Economical and UK-made, with long warranty and support direct from the designers, London Electronics Ltd has much to offer in the INTUITIVE and FUSION family of process monitoring and control displays, with over 25 years of experience. 
They are  suited for monitoring, displaying and controlling any physical variable such as weight, torque, temperature, pressure, humidity, RPM, total,  takt time, production rate, 4 wire resistance measurement, clock  time and ampere hours. 
These controllers can have up to 4 alarm relays,  isolated high precision 4-20mA or 0-10V analogue output , serial communications and sensor excitation. They also have logic inputs for Hold, Tare, Reset, Print, Peak/Valley, Nett/Gross etc.  
Options can be installed easily on site.
AC or DC power versions are available.
Digit height can be chosen from 14mm up to 400mm for clear viewing in any installation.
They can be mounted outside in direct sunlight with the daylight viewing option and are all sealed to IP65.
Cloud-based Data logging is also available,  so you can access and share your data remotely without needing USB sticks or memory cards. Graphing is standard and can be used on any device, PC, Mac, Phone etc, without needing to download software. 
We also offer wireless connectivity, adding to the broad appeal of this family of instruments
London Electronics also make a wide range of industrial message displays, used in prestige manufacturing facilities, worldwide.

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