SME’s can now distribute their sales and business messages to customers, prospective customers and other key stake holders simply and easily and at low cost. This is supported by detailed broadcast reports.
This is thanks to a new service called ‘Waves’ which is specifically aimed at smaller companies who need to send out regular messages but don’t want to be tied into long term and expensive contracts.
Waves has been launched by established marketing and communications specialist, HuntRevenue, following demand from clients for a simple to use and cost effective way of not only  distributing emails to customers and stakeholders, but to also take advantage of the power of blogs and social media with structured activity reports so that leads and opportunities can be optimised.
Said HuntRevenue CEO Ian Hunter: “We recognised SME’s were often time and resource poor, didn’t want to get involved with long term service contracts and price was a key consideration. Waves is a response to these three challenges. We provide a fully managed service, where we do all the work and our clients can just get on a focus on their core business.”
Waves, does away with the requirement for long term contracts and commitment that many email service providers look for. Plus the message is adapted and posted on the HuntRevenue blogging platform where individual posts receive up to thousands of reads. Blogs are also promoted via social media and are SEOed so that interested parties can search and find the message/story for up to a full year.