How much time do you spend getting your custom machined parts made? Usually it takes 1-2 weeks just to get a quote and dozens of emails to discuss the project — that’s before even factoring in the production time itself. But there’s a more efficient way to get quotes and order custom parts. With Xometry you can get a CNC machining quote in just a few seconds by uploading a CAD model to the platform and selecting your required manufacturing options.

Machine learning for manufacturing

Xometry’s data scientists use the latest neural net-based machine learning techniques to securely train pricing and sourcing algorithms on one of the largest datasets of custom part manufacturing jobs ever assembled. Computational geometry algorithms analyse the 3D CAD files to accurately render DFM (design for manufacturing) feedback and assess the complexity of the parts. They are inspired by the way an expert machinist would understand a part’s design and are a result of continuous collaboration between Xometry’s expert machinists and the computational geometry team. This team extracts the mathematical essence from this knowledge to achieve maximum speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

A powerful distributed manufacturing network

Xometry is the world’s largest distributed manufacturing network, connecting over 5000 manufacturers in Europe, the USA, and Asia. Thanks to its network, Xometry consistently provides quick lead times and has the capacity for any prototyping or serial manufacturing project. The company offers massive CNC machining capabilities:

  • CNC milling (3-, 4-, 5-, 6-axis)
  • CNC turning (2-axis and Swiss-type lathes)
  • CNC drilling (upright, bench, radial)

Xometry lets you choose from over 25 materials for your CNC machining projects (aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, polymers) and offers most finishing options (anodising, bead blasting, powder coating, nickel plating, tempering, annealing, among others).

In addition to CNC machining, you can order sheet metal fabrication (laser, plasma, and waterjet cutting), 3D printing (SLS, FDM, SLA, MJF, Carbon DLS, DMLS, and Polyjet), and injection moulding in over 50 different materials.

The perfect solution for any industry

Xometry works with a diverse client base all across Europe, serving start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, like Bosch and BMW. The company can manufacture anything from a single prototype to 100,000 parts.

Engineer Paul Byrne is a great example of how to take advantage of on-demand manufacturing. As early as January 2020, it was clear to the British engineer that the sheer scale of the Covid-19 pandemic would create a need for new devices for fighting the virus. Byrne quickly developed his effective Viralink® filter system last year. However, he didn’t have the necessary contacts in manufacturing to be able to roll out the idea. At that point Byrne discovered Xometry’s cutting edge platform. “It was important for me to find a reliable European supplier. I can now order all the parts that are required to make Viralink on a single dedicated platform,” says the design engineer. He orders metal CNC parts online on the Xometry site and receives the packages with the finished parts in the mail in a few weeks. All Byrne has to do then is assemble them. “I did my job as an engineer, Xometry did its job as a supplier – now we can fight this awful pandemic together,” says Byrne.

How to get a quote

To get an instant quote, simply upload your CAD models to the Xometry platform and select your required manufacturing options. Once your quote is ready, you can place the order and get your CNC machined parts or any other custom parts within 2-4 weeks.