The MR-J4 servo amplifier series from Mitsubishi Electric incorporates a multi-network interface called “Servo Open Network”. It enables the user-friendly drive to be compatible with all relevant motion control systems worldwide.
Machine manufacturers who offer their solutions globally will benefit from the open network connection feature of the MELSERVO MR-J4 amplifier series. Communications is simplified by offering mainstream industrial Ethernet protocols including CC-Link IE Field®, Profinet®, EtherCAT® and Ethernet/IPTM.
Another important advantage of the servo control systems from Mitsubishi Electric is the level of OEM support available globally. On-site support from the manufacturer is offered during commissioning and maintenance. For this purpose, Mitsubishi Electric maintains a worldwide network of service partners and subsidiaries.
Network protocol selection is easy and user-friendly thanks to the plug & play concept applied to the servo amplifiers. A Quick Start Guide is available for each of the networks alongside immediately usable and expandable sample projects and function blocks, which are supplemented by flexible connection options.
The servo systems for the power range from 0.05 to 22 kW are highly compact, occupying up to 50% less volume than comparable products. They are also supported by a large selection of motors with high power densities; offering maximum flexibility in design and efficiency with a minimum footprint.
Features such as the second-generation vibration suppression function, “One- Touch Tuning” or automatic real-time adjustment of servo parameters during operation accelerates commissioning and guarantees positioning with maximum precision and safety based on international standards. “This also shortens machine cycle times, for example,” explains Oliver Giertz, Product Manager Servo/Motion & Robotics for EMEA region at Mitsubishi Electric.
User-friendly and space-saving
All MR-J4 series controllers are equipped with various predictive and preventative maintenance functions. The Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) functionality allows early detection of changes in machine vibration and friction which enables replacement of mechanical drive components such as ball screws, belts and gears before they fail. The indication of maintenance needs in advance leads to increased machine capacity by helping avoid downtime and reducing maintenance time which all leads to improved productivity and product quality. “Its flexibility and user-friendliness; space- saving design, predictive maintenance functions and excellent price versus performance ratio make the MR-J4 a safe investment for our customers.” says Oliver Giertz.
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