LINKFRESH, the leading global provider of supply chain solutions for the fresh food industry, has announced Naylor Farms has chosen to deploy the LINKFRESH ERP solution.

The LINKFRESH solution will replace Naylor’s aging and fragmented Farmplan and Sage systems with one fully integrated out of the box solution which will dramatically improve sales order throughput and enable Naylor Farms to grow without increased administrative cost. 

The LINKFRESH solution has been developed specifically to mirror the operational requirements of a fresh produce organisation, enabling Naylor Farms’ entire sales order, fulfilment, inventory, procurement and back office processes to be optimised and streamlined.  In addition, this will enable Naylor Farms to take advantage of the advanced inventory control and lot traceability functionality within both their stores and warehouse facilities.

Co-owner Simon Naylor said: “We love the fact that LINKFRESH speaks the language of fresh produce out of the box.  We looked at several alternative products but LINKFRESH was head and shoulders above the competition, not only in the product but most importantly in the people and their industry knowledge.  We are replacing our disparate solutions with a simple solution which will improve our efficiencies and speed up our processes, particularly in the area of sales order processing and dispatch.”

LINKFRESH sales director, Paul Roebuck said: “We are delighted to be working with Simon and his team to help Naylor Farms streamline the business using the latest ERP technology.  LINKFRESH has the scale to reach the largest businesses in the world and as this deal proves; we can also take care of the smaller business which are crucial to our local and national economy.  It’s great to welcome Simon on board.  LINKFRESH ERP will provide Naylor Farms with a real competitive advantage and will ultimately help him to grow the business.”

Naylor Farms has been a quality producer of vegetables and daffodils since the early 1930s. The farm is spread over the Moulton Seas End and Spalding areas of South Lincolnshire.  It is a family run farm which is now in its 3rd and 4th generation. The family consists of Brian and son Simon Naylor who both manage all aspects of the operation.  The business supplies food processing plants and wholesalers with top quality produce.