New addition to the portfolio Tube filling solutions for effervescent tablets

Feb 12, 2016 | Medical Devices

Following the acquisition of Medipac AB in November 2015, Romaco is now in a position to offer tube filling systems for effervescent tablets for the first time. The core competency: gentle filling of fragile effervescent tablets according to the rotation principle

The Romaco Group’s decision to purchase the assets of Medipac AB, the Swedish manufacturer of tube filling machines, rounds off its portfolio in the effervescents sector. These systems for the primary packaging of effervescent tablets will in future be sold worldwide under the umbrella brand Romaco Siebler. Three different tube filling systems in different performance classes are currently available in the Siebler MF series. With a maximum output of 120 tubes per minute, the Siebler MF 120 is designed for very high production speeds. The mid-range MF 70 is currently the top-selling model. The semi-automatic Siebler MF 20 achieves up to 20 tubes per minute. All series apply the rotation principle to fill tubes with effervescent tablets.

Filling according to the rotation principle

The effervescent tablets are first guided through up to eight channels, where they are counted still lying flat down and thus fed to the filling station. They then pass through filling tubes which rotate at high speed. The resulting forces cause the tablets to stand up automatically and slide upright into the waiting tubes, which are also rotating fast. The suction effect of this rotation creates air cushions, which centre the tablets and prevent them from hitting the tube walls. The fragile effervescent tablets are thus processed extremely gently. Both the tablet erection speed and the filling speed can moreover be adjusted by altering the number of rotations per second. The products can be packed in either plastic or aluminium tubes. A wide range of products in different sizes and shapes can be handled.

Fewer parts, modular concept

Only a small number of format parts – which are easy to install and clean – are required to equip the basic machines. There is no need to change the format parts in order to fill tablets into different tube lengths; only a few minor adjustments have to be carried out. The same applies to the filling volume, which varies from 5 to 30 tablets and can easily be adapted according to the tube size. Downtime and retooling times due to product changes are therefore reduced to a minimum. All machines in the Romaco Siebler MF series have a modular architecture and can be upgraded with numerous options if desired. Various integration friendly extras are available for feeding the tablets, tubes and caps. The level of automation for controlling the system is also individually configurable. Diverse instruments can be implemented for monitoring the process. Inkjet coding and integral print inspection are offered as marking options.

Line integration

With its Innojet, Kilian, Siebler and Promatic product lines, Romaco is a leading manufacturer of all-in-one solutions for the effervescent sector – spanning coatings for taste masking and granulation, tableting, packing in tubes or strips and a wide range of cartoning systems. The Romaco portfolio includes various flexibly configurable transfer units for connecting the tube filling systems directly to process and secondary packaging machines installed upstream or downstream. When it comes to expert processing of air, light and moisture sensitive effervescent products, Romaco Siebler can draw on a long tradition.

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