Reducing energy and manufacturing costs is a top priority for manufacturers to remain competitive. In support of reducing energy usage, next year the legislation for process cooling under the Ecodesign Directive is changing. This means that new temperature control equipment and systems purchased from the beginning of the year will need to meet stringent new levels of energy performance.

As a leading manufacturer, ICS Cool Energy make it a priority to support manufacturers with the latest energy-efficient equipment which enables them to take advantage of these cost savings now.


i-Chiller – cooling specifically for manufacturing processes

The acclaimed i-Chiller range set new standards in energy performance when it was introduced by ICS Cool Energy several years ago. It’s already Ecodesign compliant, with thousands of systems installed at customer sites delivering reliable, energy-efficient process cooling for the most challenging of environments.


With class-leading efficiency, Eurovent accreditation and in capacities of up to 230kW in stock, it’s a true workhorse designed specifically to cope with the demands of the manufacturing process industries, backed by the confidence of up to a 5-year warranty. Its robust and practical design includes a uniquely designed coil-in-tank evaporator, adapted for varying process load and diverse flow conditions while minimising pressure drops.

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Free cooling – how we helped a plastics manufacturer save up to 70% on process cooling costs

plastics manufacturer supplying packaging products to national retailers needed to expand production with an additional 25% cooling capacity whilst reducing their energy costs. With a detailed on-site consultation, we specified:

  • An A’ rated chiller plus a free cooling unit, offering an increase in cooling capacity
  • Service maintenance contract complete with emergency breakdown and dedicated technical support

Energy saving feature: When the free cooling system is active, a green light illuminates to indicate that free cooling is in operation.

The project was almost completely funded through a Carbon Trust loan and provided a reduction in operating costs of £20,000 in the first year, even allowing for the increase in production, cooling demand and utility cost fluctuations.

By utilising partial free cooling in the spring and autumn seasons with total free cooling being achieved in ambient lower than 5°C calculated reduction in power was estimated at 327,374kw/hr per annum based on production requirements at time of quoting.


In the first full year of operation, the free cooling operated for over 4,600 hours, representing 55% of the total cooling system’s working hours. It provides energy savings as well as a reduction in compressor operating hours which helps to prolong the life of the chiller.









  • Energy and cost-efficient solutions, tailored to your process by experienced engineers



  • 24/7 back up and technical helpdesk support




  • Chiller and TCU servicing, PH water tests, remote monitoring, glycol concentation and F-Gas checks