KEMET has introduced its expanded line of Aximax High Temperature Axial Capacitors. These new offerings are based on the same successful KEMET material technologies utilised in the surface mount X8L and X8R dielectric platforms. The new axial form factor now enables these technologies to be extended into high vibration environments.

The industry’s first X8L dielectric in an axial form factor, Aximax X8L, is a conformally coated device designed to operate in environments reaching temperatures as high as 150 degrees Celsius with capacitance up to 2.2 µF and rated voltages up to 50 V.

For applications sensitive to capacitance changes such as filters, the new Aximax Ultra-Stable X8R offers superior performance and more effective capacitance when compared to competitor X8R dielectric technologies. KEMET dielectric technology exhibits no capacitance loss with respect to applied DC voltage and negligible loss of capacitance as temperatures approach 150 degrees Celsius. These X8R devices are available with rated voltages up to 200 V.

Typical applications include decoupling, bypass and filtering in extreme environments such as down-hole oil exploration, under-the-hood automotive, defense and aerospace. Both new Aximax products are lead-free, RoHS (without exemption) and REACH compliant and are available in Commercial and Automotive (AEC-Q200) Grades.

“KEMET is proud to offer the broadest range of high temperature solutions in the industry,” said Dr. John Bultitude, KEMET technical fellow. “These new Aximax products demonstrate our commitment to the development of high temperature component solutions.”