The MEAN WELL ICL-16 series is a 16A AC inrush current limiter and can be used to reduce the start-up peak current, caused by turning on AC mains power, this can be a particular problem with LED Driver applications. 

Inrush current occurs when a system powers on and experiences a spike in current, this current can be substantially higher than the standard operating current.  Installing the ICL-16 series inrush current limiter after the AC circuit breaker will significantly reduce the chances of tripping the mains circuit breaker and allow for more LED Drivers on the one circuit.

The ICL-16 series has been designed with built-in thermal fuses and bypass relays which reduces the heat generated during operation and improves the applications reliability. They are able to suppress a 23A peak current and 16A continuous current.

The ICL-16 series is supplied with two options a DIN rail type ICL-16R and linear type ICL-16L.


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