A new service has launched designed to help manufacturing businesses buy and sell CNC machinery with complete confidence and ease.

The CNConlineauctions.com website is an easy-to-navigate online auction system for buying and selling CNC machine tools in the UK and Europe, with a location set up in the United States to cater for the global market.
The service and ownership is completely independent of any other business in the sector, such as machine tool dealers or OEM agencies.
The site has been developed by CNC industry specialists who recognised the need for a transparent auction process, whereby the costs could be split evenly between buyer and seller to provide a one-stop solution for both.
The system also takes care of the logistics too, as the entire process of moving the machine and getting it up and running safely at the buyer’s site can be organised through the website.
Developed as a risk-free option for business, the process is supported by Assurance+ options to remove all the headaches and potential pitfalls for both buyers and sellers, including taking care of health and safety requirements too.