Troax’s double skin, steel partitioning system, Excalibur, has been used to construct new packaging facilities for pharmaceutical distribution company PCO Manufacturing at their headquarters in County Meath, Eire. The packaging facilities were built by specialist interiors contractor All Systems Commercial Fit-Outs.

PCO specialises in importing and distributing pharmaceutical prescription and over the counter medicines from licensed wholesalers in the EU, which it distributes to community pharmacies and hospitals throughout Ireland. Its County Meath facility is approved by the Irish Medicine Board and is one of the most advanced in the EU.

In the first phase of the project, All Systems used the Excalibur partitioning to construct a series of 13 interconnecting cabins which are built below and above a mezzanine floor. The cabins are used as pharmaceutical packaging facilities, as well as for more general use such as labelling areas, quality control areas and changing rooms for employees. Each cabin is constructed from a combination of double skin steel and glass panels. Troax’s single skin, steel Sabre partitioning has also been installed to construct a floor to ceiling dividing wall which acts as a physical barrier between the pharmaceutical processing area and a storage area on the ground floor.

The second phase of the project involved the construction of an additional six cabins, together with further Sabre panels which again, are used to divide the processing and storage areas.

Excalibur’s panels are flush both sides and have minimal ledges and corners, minimising the collection of dust particles.

Excalibur’s double skin design, is also said to offer excellent sound and heat insulation.