Pfaudler has installed two 250-litre mobile reactors for an R&D facility at a leading pharmaceutical plant.

The glass-lined carbon steel reactors, which have been designed for enhanced performance, with optimum heat exchange area ratio to process volume, are being utilised for multi-purpose duties, including solvents, acids and alkalis.

Suitable for low-level general purpose mixing, baffling, baffle temperature control and sampling, these small-scale Pfaudler reactors are suitable for customised head layouts and also maximise the quantity of nozzles at normal bore sizes, appropriate to the vessel diameter.  Gasket & top-head fouling is avoided, with rated volume within the jacket area & below the gasket.  The reactors also benefit from low level baffling, mixing, temperature measurement and sampling.

For scale-up capabilities, from laboratory to industrial sized plant, Pfaudler has also proportionally optimised the agitators and incorporated flanged beavertail baffles, top-head nozzles, charge holes and outlets accordingly.  Pfaudler’s Easy Access Charge Port allows improved visibility of processes, whilst maximised nozzle diameters are included for instrumentation to show parameters such as levels and pH.