Ireland’s first large scale independent power producer, Edenderry Power has switched to Loctite Nordbak 7226 and 7227 ceramic polymer composites in order to provide ­protection against wear in the stainless steel boiler feed chutes and the wet ash mixing paddles

Located just outside Edenderry, Edenderry Power has been in operation since 2000, and produces 120MW of electricity – around three per cent of Ireland’s national requirement.

Loctite’s Nordbak 7226 and 7227 ceramic polymer composites are part of a range of two-part epoxy-based materials, reinforced with steel, aluminium, ceramic or silicon carbide fillers. They are available in both trowelable and brushable formulas, although there is also a Loctite product available as a kneadable stick. There are also putties and pastes to protect surfaces against particle abrasion and chemical attack.

“Previously, we used welding overlay to combat the problems associated with the high flow of peat and particle erosion, but there was an ongoing difficulty with wear issues and the subsequent associated costs when we had to shut down part of the capacity,” explains John Moran, plant mechanical engineer. “After a demonstration by the Henkel sales engineer we decided on the polymer composite.”

As well as peat, the surfaces of the chutes have to contend with wood biomass, sand, ash and lime.

“The conditions these chutes operate under include low impact, high volumes, sliding action and temperatures up to 800°C,” Moran says. “For the wet ash mixer, there is also low impact, but very abrasive particles.”

Loctite Nordbak 7226 is a trowelable epoxy for rebuilding, repairing and protecting pump housings, chutes, elbows, cyclones and other equipment against pneumatic where fine particle wear is experienced.

Loctite Nordbak 7227 is a grey, ultra-smooth ceramic reinforced epoxy that provides a high gloss, low friction coating to provide protection against turbulence, abrasion and cavitations. It also works as a top coat over Nordbak Backing Compounds where applications require surface rebuilding and lasting protection.

“These products are not only easy to apply, but they also have now provided us with longer running time between servicing. The parts have completed 12 months of service, and the results, so far, are very good,” concludes Moran.