A new PRESSURE TRANSMITTER for hygienic applications including features and benefits such as; IO-Link and 0.2% accuracy is the latest addition to the extensive range of process sensors available from ifm electronic.

High accuracy is crucial for many applications and the PM16 series pressure transmitters are designed to provide a total accuracy of 0.2%. Furthermore, temperature compensation for fast temperature changes such as in CIP & SIP processes is significantly improved, so it’s ideal for many food applications. It also features an overload-resistant ceramic capacitive measuring cell which ensures outstanding long-term stability.

The transmitter has a rear hexagonal nut for easy installation in tanks and vessels with double walls and blind fittings. Furthermore, its range of adapters to most common process connections such as; Tri Clamp, Varivent etc and weld bosses ensure simple and flexible fitting with a reduction of article numbers.

It is also designed for a simple zero point calibration via a teach button or IO-Link interface.

As part of its support for customers, ifm provides a download facility for every PM16 sensor enabling a free factory certificate to be downloaded to meet standards and approvals including EHEDG and FDA.  ENDS.

More details at: https://www.ifm.com/gb/en/shared/product-news/2018/hmi/pressure-transmitter-for-hygienic-applications

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