In a time where we all need to stand together to battle the debilitating corona virus, Procentec wants to help those who work around the clock to maintain our way of living.
For the duration of this corona crisis, Pieter Barendrecht CEO of Procentec, offers companies that are currently hard at work creating a vaccine or antidote, or companies that are critical to keeping everything running, our newest Diagnostic solution – Osiris as a Software – for free.
For us as a company it is relatively easy to work from home. But for the people who work in the vital industries within our nation, continent or for that matter the world, it is of the utmost importance to keep all networks running with fewer people then normal and more pressure. Most likely because of colleagues that have fallen ill.
Our solution will help them to get the best remote overview of their networks inside their plants. Notifying in advance if something will break down, preventing unwanted stops of the production process.
Please share and forward this message to all who it may seem relevant, so that we as just a small company may contribute to beating this crisis!!
For those who are interested, please send an email to Pieter Barendrecht at
Our team will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with our solution.